Morning Levels

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body Hi,

I'm new the the group, and didnt see any post reguarding my issue.

Im newly diagnosed diabetic, type 2.

I've got my levels under control pretty well. In general my levels stay at 130 or less 2 hours after a meal.

My problem is in the mornings, I can test before I go to bed and be at 100-115, but when I wake and test in the morning i'm usually at least 135-150.

Not sure what I can do to fix this, or get that number down lower.

My dr sent me to a dietician, but they cannot get me in until December, so for now i'm figuring this out on my own with trial and error.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I also take Metformin 850mg twice a day along with a Cholesterol med...
Posted about 8 years ago