April 2021: Partner Spotlight - Lilly

April 2021: Partner Spotlight - Lilly

Lilly DiabetesLilly and Welldoc collaborate to integrate BlueStar® app capabilities into Lilly’s connected insulin solutions

Lilly recently announced a collaboration with Welldoc to integrate its BlueStar® insulin management app into Lilly’s connected insulin solutions. For people with diabetes who use insulin, the mental math in deciding how much insulin to dose can be complex. Lilly aims to continuously leverage technology in new ways to help simplify insulin delivery for people with diabetes. As part of the collaboration, Welldoc will create a new version of its BlueStar app that integrates insulin dosing data for several Lilly insulins. Lilly will integrate the updated BlueStar app into our pen platform to support personalized insulin dosing data while also providing insights to people living with diabetes to help them manage their condition and ultimately reach their goals.

“Today, less than half of people who use insulins are achieving their target A1C goals. We want to simplify the experience of using insulin by integrating our medicines with the most innovative technology available,” said Marie Schiller, vice president of product development for Connected Care and Insulins at Lilly. “We are excited to collaborate with Welldoc. Together, we will combine their advanced software capabilities and expansive insulin management features with our connected insulin pen solutions with the goal of easing the burden of diabetes care on people living with the condition.”

The new app will integrate insulin dosing data for several Lilly insulins. Lilly is also developing a fully disposable connected insulin pen to be used in future versions within the platform. The app has both prescription and non-prescription features such as insulin titration support, a bolus calculator, personalized health coaching, and integrates blood glucose monitoring and continuous glucose monitoring for people who use insulin. The platform integrates insulin, hardware, software, customer support and analytics to deliver personalized guidance to people with diabetes.

This collaboration marks a new chapter in Lilly’s rich history of creating solutions for the millions of people living with diabetes. Lilly plans to submit to the FDA in 2021 for the data transfer module, and Welldoc plans to submit to the FDA in 2021 for the new app.

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