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Raising Meetup Awareness


In November, for Diabetes Awareness Month, we’re excited to support all women living with diabetes through our Meetup program. Meetups are built on the foundation that peer support is essential to diabetes management. Meetups are peer-led groups that meet throughout the month, and each group is led by a volunteer Host Leader, a woman with diabetes like you. Whether you are brand new to Meetups or a member of one of our groups, we invite you to join any of our online groups.

We know peer support is essential, but don’t take our word for it. When asked, 97% of our members would recommend Meetups to a friend with diabetes. Attendees value the sharing of lived experiences, the connections they form with other members, and the educational components shared by our Leaders. Beyond that, our members say:

  • “There is nothing more powerful than peer to peer support. It fills a need that doctors, nurses, and even diabetes educators cannot meet (unless they have diabetes themselves). Each time I participate with other dSisters in any activity, I come away with a sense of pride. We are a group connected by a chronic disease but you would never know it by looking at us.  These women have a drive and a connection to thriving and living well that I need and love! DiabetesSisters has become an integral part of my life.”
  • “DiabetesSisters and Meetups have changed my life with diabetes.  I finally realized that I am not alone living with this disease.  I would probably not be at my current level of good health with my diabetes journey if not for DiabetesSisters and the Meetup program.”
  • “I can’t imagine my life without the women in this group, or without the DiabetesSisters organization. The support, resources, and encouragement it offers is unique, and I haven’t found anything like it anywhere else.”
  • “With DiabetesSisters, I feel more confident living with diabetes. I know that I make my own choices, but it is comforting to know I have a large number of women with diabetes supporting me as I make those choices. I’ve learned how to handle my ‘bad’ diabetes days, and not make it worse. I always have someone to bounce ideas around, or to listen to my complaints about diabetes. It makes such a difference knowing you have someone who truly understands what you are going through.

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