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“Flourishing with Diabetes” Webinar featuring Riva Greenberg

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Watch “Flourishing with Diabetes” with renowned speaker and advocate Riva Greenberg.

In this inspiring session, part of the DiabetesSisters Lifestyle Series, Riva Greenberg delves into the essential shift from coping to flourishing with diabetes. Whether you’re living with diabetes, supporting someone who is, at risk, or a healthcare professional, this webinar offers valuable insights and practical strategies to empower a thriving life despite the challenges of diabetes.

What You Will Discover

  • Why the current diabetes treatment paradigm focuses on coping and how we can transition to a flourishing mindset.
  • Effective strategies to enhance your diabetes management and overall well-being.
  • Clarification of common diabetes myths and misconceptions.
  • Riva’s personal journey of resilience, empowerment, and how she flourishes with diabetes.

We invite you to watch the recording at your leisure to gain these insights and more.

About the Speaker

Riva is a globally recognized speaker, advocate, and author who has dedicated her life to helping people with diabetes flourish. With an impressive track record of living successfully with type 1 diabetes for over five decades, Riva has touched the lives of thousands through her Flourishing Approach, which she has shared with health professionals and individuals worldwide. With 52 years of thriving with type 1 diabetes, she has transformed her experiences into global advocacy, advising industry leaders, and humanitarian organizations, and sharing her knowledge through books, articles, and her website,

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Lifestyle Series Recording Slides
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