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DiabetesSisters of Richmond, VA

When Shelby Kinnaird met DiabetesSisters CEO Anna Norton at a diabetes advocacy event in late 2016, she didn't know that there previously had been a PODS Meetup in Richmond, VA, where she lived. Anna mentioned that the PODS had disbanded and needed a leader to bring it back on its feet. Shelby, who has lived with type 2 diabetes for more than 18 years, quickly decided that reviving the group was something she could do.

DiabetesSisters of Jacksonville, FL

DiabetesSisters of Jacksonville lives where the sun shines, the beach breeze blows, and carbs still need to be counted and addressed appropriately. After attending the inaugural Weekend for Women conference in Raleigh NC in 2010, and two more conferences after that, PODS Leader Diane Bajalia knew she wanted to share her experience with other women with diabetes. She launched the Jacksonville PODS Meetup in January 2013.

DiabetesSisters of Rochester, NY (College Town/UofR)

Julie Wilson had been a dedicated PODS Meetup member for several years in Rochester, NY when she attended her first DiabetesSisters Weekend for Women conference in Washington DC. That was in April 2014. Afterward, she decided that she wanted to amp up her participation, gain more perspective, and give even more to other women with diabetes. What better way than to become a PODS Leader herself? And so a new PODS Meetup was born in another part of Rochester.

DiabetesSisters of Princeton, NJ

Karen Rose Tank, Robin Wright, and Amy Stern had tried to begin a diabetes support group for about a year when in 2013, they saw an article in Diabetes Interview magazine about the DiabetesSisters organization and the upcoming Weekend for Women conference. They were fascinated by the idea, and talked with current group members about aligning with DiabetesSisters and becoming a PODS (Part of DiabetesSisters) Meetup. Everyone thought it was a great idea.