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December 2018: World Diabetes Day Highlights

DiabetesHeart ColumbusWorld Diabetes Day is celebrated each year on November 14th, the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, who along with Charles Best, discovered insulin in 1922. The International Diabetes Federation created World Diabetes Day in 1991 to help bring diabetes awareness to a global audience. Many of our DiabetesSisters PODS Meetup Leaders marked the day by participating in special events, holding PODS Meetups and celebrating their lives with diabetes.

DiabetesSisters of Williamsburg, VA

In 2012, a few years after Sondra Bennett started her journey with type 1 diabetes at age 50, she met another woman with diabetes who started and led a PODS Meetup in Richmond, VA. Sondra attended several Meetups in Richmond and then started one closer to her in Yorktown. After leading the Yorktown PODS for a few more years, Sondra moved the Meetup closer to her home in Williamsburg. The Williamsburg PODS has been active since April 2015.

November 2018: Leadership Institute Recap

2018 Leadership InstituteDuring the weekend of September 28, we were excited to welcome 20 PODS leaders to Chicago for our fourth annual Leadership Institute! Attendees were some of our key volunteers, all women living with diabetes who offer their time each month leading PODS (Part Of DiabetesSisters) Meetups in their communities. PODS Meetups provide peer support, education, and encouragement for women with any type of diabetes or prediabetes.

DiabetesSisters of Boston (South Shore/Braintree), MA

Sometimes the best discoveries come from an online search. In January 2014, Sarah MacLeod found DiabetesSisters online and filled out a form to say she was interested in finding a PODS Meetup near her, in Massachusetts or the surrounding area. She found out that no one had started a PODS Meetup near her (yet), and clicked another box or link saying she would like to start one. Sarah says she knew from her first phone call about PODS that her life was going to change – and it sure has.