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DiabetesSisters of Princeton, NJ

Karen Rose Tank, Robin Wright, and Amy Stern had tried to begin a diabetes support group for about a year when in 2013, they saw an article in Diabetes Interview magazine about the DiabetesSisters organization and the upcoming Weekend for Women conference. They were fascinated by the idea, and talked with current group members about aligning with DiabetesSisters and becoming a PODS (Part of DiabetesSisters) Meetup. Everyone thought it was a great idea.

DiabetesSisters of Durham, NC

In 2015, DiabetesSisters partnered with Dr. Laura Young of The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism to lead a research project exploring stress, diabetes, and community support. Jo-Nette Boyd and Lisa English co-led the DiabetesSisters support group that met in Chapel Hill for about 10 months as a part of the research. While the Chapel Hill group was meeting, Jane Dyson was leading a DiabetesSisters PODS Meetup at the DiabetesSisters office in Durham, NC.