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DiabetesSisters of Greater Portland, OR

In Summer 2018, Helena Kierstead randomly decided to step out of her comfort zone. There were very few support groups for people with diabetes in the greater Portland, OR area, and she knew she wanted to find one. As someone who is adept at searching for info and resources online, she started searching for in-person peer support for women living with diabetes. She found the DiabetesSisters website, saw "become a PODS Leader" link, and clicked it.

DiabetesSisters of Bridgewater, NJ

Bridgewater PODS Leader Anne Dalin met her now co-leader, Denise Scheffler, at the Princeton PODS Meetup. Anne had led a PODS Meetup in another New Jersey location a few years before that. Anne and Denise became friends and after some discussion, realized it would be great to have a Meetup closer to where they live. They decided to find a location for a new Meetup that was halfway between where they each live. And so DiabetesSisters of Bridgewater, NJ was born.