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DiabetesSisters of Boston (South Shore/Braintree), MA

Sometimes the best discoveries come from an online search. In January 2014, Sarah MacLeod found DiabetesSisters online and filled out a form to say she was interested in finding a PODS Meetup near her, in Massachusetts or the surrounding area. She found out that no one had started a PODS Meetup near her (yet), and clicked another box or link saying she would like to start one. Sarah says she knew from her first phone call about PODS that her life was going to change – and it sure has.

October 2018: Influenza Risks and Prevention

Influenza Diabetes CommunityDid you know that people with chronic conditions, such as those with diabetes, are especially vulnerable to influenza because of the higher risks of complications?  And, that this is true regardless of how well diabetes is managed?

DiabetesSisters has partnered with the Influenza Diabetes Community this month and are pleased to provide free, unlimited access to online education about Influenza and Diabetes.

September 2018: Inside A PODS Meetup

A question we hear often is What are PODS Meetups like? Well, the first rule of PODS Meetups is: you do not talk about PODS Meetups.

Okay, just kidding. However, what is shared in a PODS Meetup is confidential and is not to be shared outside of the Meetup. We do this to ensure our members have a safe place to discuss their feelings about and experiences with living with diabetes. So while we won’t be sharing specific details of any PODS Meetup, we can give you a general peek at what PODS Meetups are like….

September 2018: Self-Care Retreat for Women with Diabetes

** A message from Self-Care Retreats**

This Retreat Program was designed by two Registered Nurses (type 1), a chef/author (type 1) and a psychotherapist (type 2) for women with diabetes to integrate extraordinary self-care techniques in their day to day lives. Women with diabetes are wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and grandmothers who have honed the skill of caring for others. Be it in the workplace or at home, we cook nutritious meals, care physically, emotionally and financially for our loved ones and yet, often, find little time to care deeply for ourselves.

DiabetesSisters of Boston MetroWest, MA

For the first 37 of her 43 years of living with diabetes, Clare Fishman was the only person she knew with this condition. Then one day she stumbled upon the DiabetesSisters website and saw that there was a PODS Meetup located in Ashland, MA - the town right next to hers. She remembers going to her first meeting of DiabetesSisters of Boston - MetroWest in the fall of 2014. Though there was just one other woman at that PODS Meetup, that was one more person with diabetes than Clare knew before.