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December 2019: Favorite Holiday Recipes

Celebrating the holiday season often involves big meals full of food that can be tough on blood sugars and waistlines. So we went in search of some dishes that are easier on glucose management without sacrificing taste. We turned to some of our favorite food and nutrition bloggers and asked them to share recipes for lower-carb holiday dishes that are on their tables this season. Check out their picks for appetizers, side dishes, and desserts that are big on taste while packing fewer carbohydrates.


November 2019: Beyond Instagram Takeover

Last month DiabetesSisters staged a week-long takeover of the Beyond Type 2 and Beyond Type 1 Instagram pages. Each day featured a different woman from our community sharing how peer support (and being a part of our sisterhood) has helped empower her to #LiveBeyond and become #BeyondPowerful with #diabetes. Also, our CEO Anna Norton spoke to Beyond Type 2 about building peer support through sisterhood.

DiabetesSisters of Greater Philadelphia, PA

About five years ago, Tara Weiss got an email that a new DiabetesSisters PODS Meetup was starting in the Greater Philadelphia area, and decided to try it. She loved being able to talk with a group of women living with diabetes who had gone through similar experiences as she had. When the PODS Leader at the time needed to step down from leading a few years later, Tara did not want the PODS to disappear. She agreed to lead and keep the group going. That was in 2016.