Halfway There!

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Halfway There!

I’m halfway there!  It feels so good to say that, because now that we know that we’ll be having a little girl this coming spring, I am anxious to meet her.  The closet in the baby’s room has taken on a pink hue from the already growing amount of baby items that have been bought so far.  But it is hard to feel that I’ve gone through half of my pregnancy when I wasn’t aware I was pregnant for the first month.  Even still, there has been a lot going on with me this week, pregnancy and diabetes related. 


Last week I had a checkup with my OB, which included the usual vitals like weight, blood pressure, and urine check.  A nurse tried to get my girl’s heartbeat on the Doppler, but she kept moving away from the wand.  So this led to a funny scenario where the nurse keeps moving the wand to where the baby was, and the baby would move away from it causing me to laugh.  Eventually, the nurse gave up and concluded that my little girl was fine in there, just a little busy bee.  I asked my OB about some muscle cramps that I’ve been having, especially at night.  He recommended a magnesium supplement, but I’ve also noticed that the cramps aren’t as bad if I can get a good exercise in to stretch my muscles.   


I also had a checkup with my endocrinologist that honestly had me worried.  My numbers over the holidays were so horrendous, that I was sure that my A1c was going to jump up by at least a point.  To my surprise, though, my A1c actually went down—to 5.1%!  I just sat there staring at my result because I could not believe it.  My only explanation is that when you’re used to keeping such tight control all the time that any outrageous numbers seem so significant.  My endo and I discussed a few things on my pump to hopefully keep my lows fewer in number, but I haven’t seen a huge drop in those yet.  As I was leaving, I smiled at my endo and commented about how I was halfway done, and he laughed and said, “Yeah, the easy half.”   


Without all the doctors’ appointments, my pregnancy is becoming more obvious around my waistline.  My last set of “regular” pants don’t fit anymore, and I’m rocking the maternity pants full time these days.  Thankfully, I am able to conceal the bump with sweaters and cardigans due to the chilly days that are still around.  But I am looking forward to buying some cute maternity tops for the spring.   


In addition to my stretching stomach, my muscles are beginning to protest.  I have to be careful about standing up too fast or finding the right position to sleep because my abdomen muscles are stretching and cramping along with my growing baby.  This makes things difficult for finding new site placements for my pump and CGM.  I am lathering myself in cocoa butter lotion everyday in the hopes of avoiding stretch marks.  But after my stomach, chest, and hips are covered in lotion, this leaves little room for a dry spot for a new insertion.  And even after the site is in, I try to avoid moisturizing around the tape because it loosens the adhesive before I need it to.   


It seems rest of my pregnancy will follow the same pattern:  growing and making everything is good with her.  I have another ultrasound scheduled at 23 weeks to check on her growth and size, and after that will come the waiting game for her arrival—all other tests depending.  I just hope and pray that the rest of this pregnancy can go just as smoothly as the first half, but I understand that things can happen with any pregnancy.  In the meantime, I’m doing my best to take care of both of us to make sure that those tests won’t have any help from me.