Who's coming to dinner?

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Who's coming to dinner?

The other night my husband and I went to a Japanese Steak House for dinner…it turned out to be a horrible experience.  

First of all before leaving the house I checked my blood sugar level and it was fine; however, as we were sitting there at the table all of sudden I got shaking and heart palpitations. I excused myself from the table to re-check my blood sugar level…it was the same level  as before but I guess that it registered higher because I was nervous and upset. I went ahead and took a bite of a granola bar I keep in my purse because I didn’t know how long it would take to be served appetizers. As soon as I got back to the table my appetizer was waiting for me. My husband said it came right after I left the table. 

The rest of our table…4 other couples which we didn’t know…ordered mixed drinks again and again. Don’t know why it is that people look at you like you are crazy when you don’t drink. Personally I don’t understand why people think you have to drink to fit in or have a good time. I know people my age that get drunk on the weekends….that’s something you do when you are young and foolish. There is nothing wrong with having a drink or two on occasions but not every day. 

When I asked the waitress to make substitutions like more vegetables for no rice she asked three times…”You don’t want rice?” Finally, my husband told her I was diabetic and couldn’t eat white rice. Same thing happen with dessert….couldn’t believe I didn’t want cheesecake with vanilla ice cream. 

The worst thing of all was when two of guys sitting at our table but told me how sorry they that I had diabetes. I thought to myself…REALLY? It was like a got a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I was mad and upset at the same time fighting back tears. I told my husband next time please do not announce to the world I have diabetes…saying I have dietary restrictions sounds better. I certainly do not want anyone’s sympathy.