Eye floaters

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My blood sugar levels are pretty high. I take medication for diabetes on a regular basis. I had blurry vision. At first, I thought it would be because of my diabetes as blurred visions are common for people having high blood sugar levels. Then a few months later I became completely blind to dim light. After proper checkups, I became aware that I have cataract. My sister also had the similar situation. Most of the elders in our family had cataract. I consulted an eye specialist and did cataract surgery last month. I cared my best to prevent my eyes from strain after the surgery. I did all that I could do to help the recovery process. But, now after the surgery, the no. of floaters in my eyes have increased considerably. The floaters are accompanied with a flash which doesn’t go away even if I blink a lot of time. A mild pain is also there in my eyes. I'm getting concerned about this. The flash in my eyes are short lived but it repeats indefinitely. I’m pretty much disturbed. Has my surgery gone wrong? Or is this something new? I enquired about this and took an appointment at an eye care clinic in Toronto for treatment for eye floaters. Does anyone know anything about what I’m going through? Kindly share your views regarding this. Please help.

Posted about 4 years ago
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It really stinks to have eye problems like that. No one understands unless they have the same problem. I had problems with the eye surgery in one eye. The two where then out of sync with each other and my vision was lopsided. the only way I could see alright was to wear sunglasses halfway down my nose. I felt stupid but couldn't help it.

They say floaters are normal but there must be a reason for them.

Posted about 3 years ago