Greetings Diabetes Sisters!

I’m Heather and have lived with T1D since 8 years of age. While I was diagnosed on October 15, 1978, I celebrate my diaversary on the 18th as that was when I awoke from the coma and found out that I had something they called “brittle juvenile diabetes.”

At the time, the doctors told me that I would be dead by 40, blind, with an amputation, and most likely on dialysis. This “death sentence” set me on an overly zealous path of self-destruction that I followed well into adulthood. I spent first couple of decades with diabetes actively facilitating my demise. And, doing a rather good job of it, I must add.

I thought I was rebelling against my diagnosis, only to find that I was actually rebelling against the chance of a good life. I held on to being extremely resentful of the doctors and their prognosis for many years, and yet to be fair; my diagnosis was 15 years before the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial demonstrated, how we manage diabetes REALLY does matter.

The past 20 years, or so, I have learned to embrace diabetes as part of what makes me, me. It is my personal mission to help others overcome the obstacles and barriers to self-care and live well with diabetes.

Profoundly grateful to say that I am almost 10 years past “my expiration date,” with all of my body parts, and am living a Sweet Life with diabetes!

Happy to be here!

Posted about 1 year ago
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Hi Heather, Welcome to the DiabetesSiseters community! I'm so glad your doctors were so wrong!!

Posted about 1 year ago