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Thriving through the holiDAZE

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

My stepdaughter called last week and asked: “what’s the plan for Thanksgiving?” Something akin to panic set in. I know you don’t want to hear it, but the holidays are upon us.

So, how do you survive the oncoming onslaught of food and stress?

First, do not, under any circumstances, stop exercising. Whether you walk, run, hike, climb, lift, jump, stretch, play, dance, or paddle, keep doing it.

Educating and Advocating for Ourselves - Gestational and Type 2

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

Earlier this month I was invited to Boston University School of Medicine for a two-day conference entitled "Bridging the Chasm between Pregnancy and Women’s Health over the Life Course." At this conference we discussed resources (or lack thereof) available for women diagnosed with gestational diabetes during and after pregnancy. We talked about medical resources as well as peer to peer support. 

Educating and Advocating for Ourselves

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

Managing diabetes is a constant battle. The struggle can be with carbs, attitude, willpower, stigma, depression, exercise, sleep, stress, etc. You know the drill.

But sometimes the battle can be with your insurance company.

I’m 56 years old, self-employed, and clearly, I have a pre-existing condition. I had a wonderful Anthem health care plan in 2017 through the Affordable Care Act. Victoza cost me about $80 for a 90-day supply. Not ideal, but manageable.

Summer Eats

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

Some seasons are easier than others for staying on-track, diet-wise. Fall includes those pesky carb-laden holidays. Winter is brutal. Cold, gray, and windy means comfort food all the way for me. During Spring, things start to improve when asparagus shows up. Then Summer arrives. Cue the heavenly music!

The Dawning of Acceptance - Our Voices Matter

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

Now that summer has arrived I have observed the increased acceptance of diversity of all kinds. That is one of the many beauties of life: how different we all are in our singularity. I have noticed less shame regarding body size among women both prominent and average. It seems as beauty standards have become more flexible and redefined, the norm is not just young and impossibly thin but older, darker, and larger in body size.

On the Move

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

We all know we need to exercise more. It improves our blood sugar control, helps us manage stress, and even makes getting a good night’s sleep easier. Maybe you’re already walking, gardening, doing exercise videos, or working out with weights at the gym. That’s great.

The Body Image Wars

Type 2 Diabetes Blog

In today's technological universe we have constant access to information and images. We can instantly document ourselves through images and see ourselves in an immediate feedback loop.

For those of us who are not happy with our physical images, it can be a painful reminder that we don't look a desired way and that effects our mood.